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Black Gold Services Kish
Company Overview

Black Gold Services – Kish is a leading company active in oil and gas upstream business. We provide drilling project management services on shore and off shore including tendering supply Rig and Drilling services, Engineering, Procurement, Logistics, Drilling supervision and etc .

BGS is extending projects management in all of offshore/onshore Iranian field from North ( Geothermal Projects-MESHKIN SHAHR ) to South ( South pars projects ).

Our management team has significantly experienced not only in drilling but also in, Completion, Geology, Cement & Mud Engineering.

Below is the highlight of our activities at Black Gold Services ( BGS ) :

01 - Drilling Project Management

02 - Preparing of Drilling Programs for New & Workover Wells

03 - Managing & Supervision of Drilling Services

04 - Reduction in NPT and Increasing Drilling Performance

05 - Completion Design in Oil & Gas Wells

06 - Supervision while running completion

07 - Logistic Management in Drilling Activities

08 - Project Cost Estimation and Cost Control during execution of projects

09 - Equipment / Material procurement & Stock Management

10 - Preparing Tender Documents, Evaluating Technical & Financial enquiries for Drilling Services on behalf of our clients

11 - Supplying of drilling expertise ( Local & International ) such as Company Man, Drilling Engineer, Well Site Engineer, Geologist, Base Supervisor, Services Coordinator, etc.