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Project : Supervision & Management of Khesht Project (EPD)

To Prepare : Preparation & Operations of the Project

Bidder : North Drilling Company

Project Description :

  • Schedule of preparation works.
  • Subcontract for pipe line operations.
  • Prepare Drilling program for development wells.
  • Prepare Workover program.
  • Prepare list of required equipment for development/workover wells.
  • Prepare list of mud & cement materials & additives.
  • Prepare tender documents to rent a Land rig-2000 hp.
  • Technical & Commercial evaluation of bids.
  • Assign Rig to subcontractor.
  • Prepare tender documents for required drilling services.
  • Cost analyzing the Project.
  • Prepare a Cost Control System.
  • Prepare milestone cost tables to be attached in the NIDCO/OEID contract.
  • Prepare Monthly progress reports.
  • Prepare draft of coordination procedure.
  • Prepare required organization chart to supervise the operations.
  • …..